General Yard

General Yard

There are quite a few factors to consider when installing a yard on your residential or commercial premises. These factors bear varying degrees of influence on the determination of the ideal location for the garden. Once the location of the yard is selected and its installation is done, there is little that can be done to alter its location without incurring additional expenses. Hence, it is absolutely critical to get the location right the first time.

All vegetation requires adequate sunlight to grow and mature. As much as possible, the yard should be sited in a spot with enough sun exposure and not in shaded areas. For practical reasons, it is best to site the garden close to a water point so that watering the foliage will be easier and less irrigation infrastructure would be required if an irrigation system is to be installed. Similarly, other factors that come into play in backyard installation include the slope of the terrain, wind exposure, etc.

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Professional Yard Installers

Salvador Roofing, as a company, is not only involved in the business of designing well-manicured lawns, we equally offer complete yard installation services for our esteemed clients at highly competitive rates. Our installation service is very flexible and will be individually tailored to meet your needs and budget. Our integrated approach ensures that we come up with the very best look for your home while minimizing your involvement in the entire process. You can rest assured that we will do a thorough installation job once you hand over your project us.

Our landscape architects are skilled at the planning and design of any open space, and when you hire us to install your front or back yard, we will come up with a site installation plan and a projected schedule of work after a thorough inspection of the premises. Our yard installation plan identifies the locations of facilities such as water and gas pipes, electricity cables, fences and other site infrastructure before the final plan is adopted and implemented. During the design stage, we utilize our site survey report on the property and proffer proactive solutions to impending challenges. For instance, our site report might suggest that there could be issues with drainage on a particular site. In this case, we would fix it by installing drain tiles in the low-lying areas on the ground after carefully observing the flow of water during and after the rains, helping you to better drain your backyard.

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